The frequency counter displays readings even after such mods. Frequency Conversion For Galaxy DX 2547 – Channel Mods. 1. Here’s how to adjust the modulation on your Galaxy DX-2547: After performing these tasks, the radio’s output typically increases by approximately 50%! "Limited" means that we will repair problems caused by factory defects or normal use at no charge. In addition, the Galaxy DX 2547 is equipped with a stunning, large display allowing drivers to see things easily and clearly. Add To Cart. Adjust the distance between your mic and speaker, and it should rid you of the problem. The DX-2547 will treat your ears to natural and clear sounds on the sideband, making it easy to operate the whole day. It includes heaps of features like the roger beep, microphone gain, and auto SWR calibration. With a knob on the front panel, the operator will be able to control the meter lamp’s level of brightness in addition to the channel display lamp. Rating. This is a 4 position rotary switch conversion Reference Picture Below. Galaxy 2547 review by Ed on 2/4/2020. Its advanced tech features have received high ratings from both fresh and expert users. Galaxy 2547 review by roechas on 9/18/2020. This makes the entire experience of owning the DX 2547 enjoyable. 4.0 out of 5 stars Galaxy 2547 DOA. Galaxy 949 is a cost-effectiveyet powerful radio. A page which shows how to tune the Galaxy DX2547 radio. From the United States Craig (Crash) Kirby. Fast & Free shipping on many items! DX 2547. The customer service and support make the entire experience quite enjoyable. It’s unclear how many radios are involved, but the solution is simple. Few experts believe DX-2547 is not the ultimate choice for sideband communication. I guess it does not matter since the RIT comes open from the factory? On the Galaxy radio's, it can use the NB/ANL switch. Truckers can rely on the Galaxy DX 2547 when it comes to quality and superior build. Copyright text 2019 by TappinThruLife. This allows for smooth communication between two parties with little to no interruptions between transmissions. It offers several neatly aligned knobs to let you control RF/Mic gain and talkback. People buying this radio are doing so because they want a radio with a built in power supply. Align the receiver to the ideal noise and signal ratio, Modify the mic circuit for enhanced gain when required. Next, situate wires on pins P5 and P6. Add in a base-station antenna and enjoy crisp audio and clean reception! Some fine-tuning can enhance it from 1 watt dead key to 15 watts. Cut the former and install an SPST switch in line. New Style Midsize Chassis: 4-3/4"H x 11-1/4"W x 13-1/2"D and only 12 lb. Even newbies can master the controls in no time! The Galaxy DX 2547 does use the Galaxy 959 circuit board and inside the adjustment points look identical. The highlight of this radio for us is the built-in power supply and user-friendliness. For the Galaxy 2547, 939 or 959-DX but will fit any radio with the same board. Very good company to deal with and customer service is fantastic! ; Six Digit Frequency Counter See exactly what frequency you are on. If you receive a faulty model, don’t worry! Galaxy is a trusted brand when it comes to quality and superior build. 2. This feature allows the operator to eliminate background noise being heard through the receiver. The problem is that the J6 connector on the main circuit board is reverse on my radio and others at their site. Its customer support team has always been welcoming and understanding, and it will be able to help with any problem. We cannot effect this and do not guarantee your radio to be cosmetically perfect. It also features an included 1/4" headphone jack for discrete listening. DX 2547 AM/SSB 11 Meter Base Station Radio. DX-2547 is packed with all the features you would like to see in a base-station CB Radio. Get the DX939 radio. We firmly believe Galaxy 2547 is one of the best Citizen band CB you can ever get. This one includes talkback, RF power, roger beep, and so much more. I’m Jacob S Brown, a passionate communication engineer who specializes in two-way radios. That acts as a plus in a home environment. Fast Shipping, 120% Satisfaction Guarantee! UPDATE: Galaxy returned my E-mail and confirmed the problem by checking some older and newer DX 2547 radios. … Galaxy assigned each control knob to one function. All of our Galaxy model numbers begin with the letters "DX" and are covered by our Limited Two Year Parts and Labor Warranty. This radio is great and has been welcomed to the market by both novice and professional users. Keep in mind; this radio may not work for everyone. The Galaxy DX 2547 is a performance beast. And, with base station radios’ prices hiking, this one isn’t left far behind. The stunning, large display on this model makes life easier for drivers. My 2547 came out-of-box with no problems. It is extremely easy to set up no matter the use case. (You can google Galaxy 2517 for information on the conversion which is adding a new master crystal and realignment of the receiver and transmitter) The hands-on client service by Galaxy is perfect. RoadTrucker carefully selected the Galaxy CB radios with MOSFET Finals, which wil produce about 30 to 35 more watts Peak.Galaxy makes top-notch, high quality radios. The Galaxy representatives will get in touch with you and offer a timely replacement. The driver can quickly rotate a knob to adjust the gain or talkback. Additionally, the frequency counter on this radio is precise and accurate. Many manufacturers now focus on introducing more and more mobile CB radios. With some modulation, they could swing up to around 18 watts. You can buy this product, with the peace of mind that in case of anything, it will be taken care of. Rating. Galaxy is a trusted and proven brand. Part # GAL-DX2547 Manufacturer Galaxy UPC 656955225472 Availability Out of Stock Average Rating 0.0/5 from 0 reviews . Galaxy radios. Disclaimer: Although the greatest care has been taken while compiling these documents, we cannot guarantee that the instructions will work on every radio presented. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Controlling this radio is a breeze. This function allows you to quickly do the antenna calibration without the need for such external meters. This is important depending on the environments you intend to use the unit in. In addition, it can be plugged into any standard wall outlet and has the ability to run on DC power for mobile applications such as in trucks. Remove the headphone jack from the front panel and leave wired. The variable RF power also allows the driver total control. Despite the power, this beast is not for everyone. However, despite being priced over $300, DX-2457 delivers exactly what it promises! Before you start, make sure the radio isn't connected to a power source! Remove the radio covers, all knobs, and front bezel. The radio has great signal strength and quality transmission, making it a favorite among truckers and even mine owners. Excellent service, low prices, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on the latest Galaxy radios. 2.1 CONTROL AND CONNECTIONS 2.1.1 FRONT PANEL Refer to the above Figure 2-1 for the location of the following controls: 1. The Galaxy Noise Filter also seems to deliver an unsatisfactory performance, which can be a bummer! There was a problem filtering reviews right now. GALXCHANLED-RED Replacement Channel Display LED, RED, 93, 95T. You will be impressed with this unit whether it is for business or personal use. channel mod by pin jumping. Before we start with our Galaxy DX 2547 review, here is what our experts have to say: Galaxy DX 2547 is the best pick for commercial and resident CB radio users who want to set up a base station. $129.95. REQUIRED TEST EQUIPMENT: DC Power Supply (13.8VDC, 10A) RF Wattmeter (100 MHz, SOW) Multimeter (Digital) Automatic Modulation Meter; Audio Signal Generator; Frequency Counter (100 MHz) Whether you’re a frequent CB-er or a newbie, the features on the 949 are easy to master. If you're ready to get started in the World of Amateur Radio to connect locally or globally even when there is no cellular phone service available the Galaxy DX2517 base station radio will open the 10 meter band. Galaxy DC Power Cord Socket DX48 / … Galaxy DX 2547 Review & Buyer’s Guide 2020, A soft - cover service manual with schematic diagrams, Product Dimensions:11.5 x 11.2 x 4.2 inches, Disturbance-free, long-range communication, User manual available for alignment and modes, Annoying delay on the PTT after transmitting, 4 Best CB Antenna For 18 Wheeler Reviews 2020. Experts tested the transmission on this radio and found a 4-watt dead key. However, we are glad that Galaxy still dedicates time to base station CBs. Galaxy DX94HP / Ranger RCI2995 DX Amp Board Assembly Kit. Our Price $599.99 Qty. Please try again later. Amongst best Galaxy CB radios, this is a beast when it comes to base station performance. The problem is that I need it to be rock solid on SSB and Galaxy cannot give me that and RCI is laking the power I want.I am still considering the Magnum 257 but wish they wouldmake tuneing steps smaller. Be prepared and able to communicate in case of emergency with the largest selection at It’s SSB driven outstanding long range coupled with advanced features make it a perfect pick for serious users. The Galaxy DX 2547 is a full-featured AM/SSB CB base station and one of the few base stations left on the market. Usually, this noise can be disturbing and can often be heard when there are no transmissions through the receiver. The Galaxy 2547 is currently one of the best CB base station radios on the market. xRoadGPS is my pet project, where I jot down everything I know about this amazing technology. Good price and excellent buying experience. The strong signals and quality transmission on this radio make it a top-choice of truckers and even mine owners. The functions are all straightforward on this one, which lets you focus on the road ahead. The DX-2547 radio will transmit an audio tone at the end of your transmission signaling it has ended so that listeners can know you are done talking. A sensitive mic can also result in squeal at the transmission. One notable feature of this particular model is its streamlined styling. Galaxy DX 2547 Review: Outstanding Base Station CB Radio for the Money, Best CB Radio for the Money: Top Rated High Performance CBs on the Market, Galaxy DX 949 vs 959: The Differences You Should Know », « Galaxy DX-959 Review: The Best You can get from Galaxy. Galaxy Covers Set for Side Mike Radios DX33,44,55,66,73,77,88,99,939, 949, 959. Wireless communication has diversified over time. The Galaxy DX 2547 packs a full set of features, such as a six-digit frequency counter, roger beep, automatic SWR calibration, a large SWR/modulation/power meter, Talkback, PA and many more. PHONE JACK Used to connect headphones. Probably the best radio on the market (base) for the average CB operator. Ranger and Galaxy OEM meter with SWR Scale with Lamp. 3.0 INTRODUCTION This section explains the technical theory of operation for the Galaxy DX 2547 Base Station transceiver. And, best of all, a two-year warranty by the manufacturer! “GALAXY DX 2547 40 CH CB RADIO” ((SKIP TALKING^^^SKY WALKER)) Up for Sale Today is this Galaxy DX-2547 40 Channel Base Station CB Radio. Here is how to add extra channels to your DX-2547: Unscrew the bottom cover from your radio. Galaxy Dx55F, Galaxy Dx66v2, Galaxy Dx86v SSB. If you have an external speaker, turn its face away from you and turn on the noise filter. This is for user comfort during the night or in other low-light conditions where the lighting may be too bright.