Sounds different? And be rest assured it will never go out of style. If you want the benefits of a thorny plant and something that's attractive to look at, try a bougainvillea (Nyctaginaceae spp.). It is a native American name for a boy that means ‘sweet smelling’ or ‘fragrance.’ That’s a lovely choice for a boy. This old, yet timeless, two syllable name brings to mind a classy woman with the mind of her own. The cheerful name Senna is derived from the senna plant which bears bright blue flowers year after year. It’s named after the botanist Dr. Alexander Garden. Coming from the Hebrew language, Susan means ‘graceful lily’. Add to Likebox #95915052 - Watercolor vector seamless pattern of cacti and succulent plants.. Vector. Being a symbol of endurance due to their lengthy blooming, zinnias represent a strong and beautiful woman. This moniker is easy to spell and sounds feminine without being too frilly. In Japanese, “Hinata” means ‘sunflower.’ It is a unique choice for your boy. As a name, Sage is strong and short, fitting the criteria sought after by most modern parents. They vary in height from less than a foot (Plains, Hedgehog, Tuberous) to 6 or 7 feet (Texas, Santa Rita, Pancake). The name refers to an aromatic herb and also means an intelligent person. It is an Arabic origin name that refers to ‘blossoming.’ “Zahir” is a common name among Muslims and is an evergreen choice for a boy. It refers to a ‘garden with yellow flowers.’ The beauty refers to the name “Gilford” that is a suitable name for a boy. Common Name: Barrel cactus, fishhook barrel cactus, Arizona barrel cactus, cylindrical cactus Elestren is a sweet ancient name that means “Iris” in Cornish origin. If you are looking for a unique name, Mawar can be as sweet as Urdu language. The sweet smelling flower Begonia looks a lot like roses. Moss, the soft, plush, and evocative nature name is heard more frequently as a surname rather than a name. Doing so results in better fruit production. The earthy name for a boy refers to ‘traveler’ in Latin. It’s a simple name yet so uncommon. Here is a guide to the most common garden weeds. Prickly Pear Opuntia humifusa. The light pink sweet-smelling rose is a native to West Asia and Europe. Flowers of this prickly pear, which appear in late spring, are yellow with reddish centers. Fruits of four different banana cultivars Bamboo – Banana – mainly Musa × paradisica, but also other Musa species and hybrids Baobab – Adansonia Bay – Laurus spp. It is an Estonian origin name that refers to the lovely ‘lilac flower.’ “Sireli” is a beautiful name for a girl. Jolanda is a sweet and feminine Italian name, meaning ‘violet’. It is not a common name for a girl that comes from Dutch, and refers to daisy. “Veronica” also means ‘she brings victory.’ If you want your girl to succeed, this can be a great choice. Blossom is the name of one of the Powerpuff Girls as well. Prickly pears are … can be grown as tall shrubs or small trees. You can name your boy “Laurence” and find him blooming all his life. Santa Rita Prickly Pear (Opuntia violacea): When it comes to cacti that are purple, this beautiful specimen is one of the prettiest. Xeriscape-friendly companions for prickly pear cactus include agastache, agave, big bluestem, gaillardia, and purple coneflower. Peony, meaning ‘healing’, is one of the rarest floral names. This floral moniker is so uncommon that it would make a strong name for spring babies. In Hebrew, “Lotem” refers to ‘bush of golden flowers.’ That’s a classic name for a boy. For the nickname, you can snip it down to Ella. Aletris is a distinctively pleasant name for a girl. Most prickly pear cactus have yellow, red or purple flowers, even among the same species. Dandelion. Plant this drought-tolerant shrub in well-drained soil and full sun anywhere in USDA zones 7 and above. ! This Latin name, meaning ‘flowering or flourishing’, may sound feminine to some, but it’s used mostly for boys. The flower blooms in summer and gives out a minty smell. The name currently holds the 12th spot in the Netherlands, the home of tulip and other fleurs. The Japanese origin name “Aoi” refers to ‘Hollyhock flower.’ If you are looking for a short and sweet name, “Aoi” can be a good pick. 1. Like the wild rose, the Southern blackberry (Rubus argutus) grows only a few feet tall but can spread more than 10 feet wide with spiny, arching stems. “Calix” can also be named as “Chalice” and sounds suitable for a boy. United States Department of Agriculture: Crataegus L. My Garden Life: Blackberry (Rubus Argutus), Civano Nursery: Catclaw Acacia – Acacia Greggii, Joy Us Garden: Bougainvillea: Care & Growing Tips for this Flowering Machine, University of Arizona Pima County Cooperative Extension; Acacia Greggii Cat Claw Acacia; May 2004. Your girl could draw inspiration from her indomitable spirit and become a brave woman. Flora, the name of the Roman goddess of spring and flower, is an eternal favorite of baby name experts. Want to give a French name to your little girl? Adrian Young of “No Doubt” fame named his daughter Magnolia. The moniker sounds exotic, yet down to earth and distinctive. This bright and beautiful name, found in English novels, is beginning to be considered in the US as well. The stylish and modern name was also a character in the popular series ‘Girls.’. It prefers well-drained soil and grows stronger on places with full sunlight during most of the day time or, at least, partial shadow. How Are Second Pregnancy Symptoms Different From First? It is a Hindi name that refers to ‘blue lotus.’ “Indivar” is an ancient name that also means ‘blessing.’. Daisy is a popular nickname for Margaret as the French word for Daisy is ‘marguerite’. Elm, a tree that blooms white flowers, would make an excellent middle name for boys. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, Iowa Association of Naturalists; Iowa’s Shrubs and Vines; Cele Burnett, et al. Teen Stress: Causes, Management Tips And Activities. Magnolia would be a perfect name for your daughter if you’re a diehard fan of “Steel Magnolia”. It refers to the “cornflower” in native American origin. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. This name is practically unheard of in the US. Learn which plants thrive in your Hardiness Zone with our new interactive map! “Blanchefleur” has a delicate feminine touch with ‘-fleur’ in its name. Clover, a charming and perky name, has become a favorite with the celebs. Altheda, a Greek word, meaning ‘like a blossom’ possesses an edgy and modern appeal. “Romy” is also a short form of Romeo and Roman. For instance, “Tsvetan Dimitrov” is a Bulgarian footballer, and “Tsvetan Todorov” was a French-Bulgarian philosopher. Shoshana refers to the pretty lily and is a suitable name for a girl. In Greek, “Delphine” means ‘dolphin.’. French name Florent, meaning ‘flowering’, may sound a bit too flowery for American guys, but it’s quite popular in some parts of Europe. Acacia is rarely used Greek name, which is gradually catching the fancy of the parents. They have 5 petals and yellow centers. The female name “Chrisoula” comes from Greek origin and refers to ‘golden flower.’. The name is inspired from the yellow flower and is a popular name in the Netherlands. It represents graciousness and is inspired by a light purple flower. Jazz will make a spunky and cute nickname for Jasmine. It is pronounced as “meen-yawn” and means ‘dainty.’ The name is inspired from a flower called Mignonette.”. If you enjoy the look of the berries, plant at least two Oregon grape hollies. Boasting vibrant pink flowers, the thorny bougainvillea blooms almost all year long in USDA hardiness zones 9 through 11. Plants in the genus Opuntia prefer a dry, hot climate and consist of perennial shrubs, trees, and creeping plants. Bay laurel – Laurus nobilis (culinary) California bay – Umbellularia californica Bean – Fabaceae, specifically Phaseolus spp. Some common variations are the beavertail prickly pear and the Indian fig prickly pear. The name can be used for a girl and a boy, and refers to fragrance. An exotic German name that refers to Freese’s flower can be the most uncommon and lovely name. That’s a common name in Israel for girls. Based in the Southwest, Linsay Evans writes about a range of topics, from parenting to gardening, nutrition to fitness, marketing to travel. It is a classic name of Hebrew origin. golden prickly pear blossoms image by leemarusa from The musk fragrance from the Kasturi plant or flower is “Kastur.” It’s a sweet-sounding name for a boy. This plant has light whitish blue flowers that look like a morning glory but after flowering get a prickly seed pod on it and plant is about 2 ft tall. Like most holly bushes, this one wears its thorns on its leaves and they're quite sharp, easily poking through tough materials like leather. Thorny bushes also provide protective shelter for small, beneficial wildlife. By Lori Norris The name "prickly pear" refers to the cactus species Opuntia and also to the fruits these cacti produce. Healthy plants may feature a halo of pink blooms like a crown atop a head. It is a fashionable name inspired by deep colored flowers. Danica, the pattern of Royal Copenhagen “Flowers of Denmark”, is a unique and delicate Slavic moniker, meaning ‘morning star’. It means a ‘sweet-smelling flower’ and is a suitable name for a charming boy. All rights reserved. A weed is an unwanted plant in the wrong place. Alyssa, the informal variation of Alicia, gained popularity in 1980 and remained the top name for baby girls since. Indian blanket (Gaillardia pulchella), also called firewheel, blooms April to June across much of the … “Suzzane” is a chic name that refers to ‘lily.’, It is inspired from “Tansy flower” and is a variant of daisy and lily. It is a group of small flowers and is derived from Middle Dutch Katteken as it resembles the flurry tail of the kitten. The name was first used in the Greek poetry as a designation for pastoral beauties. It is a flower from the fragrant olive family and is a suitable name for a girl. Garance is suitable for a girl and a boy. “Wisteria” can be a classic choice. Signifying honor and riches, Peony would make a distinctive name for your little one. Small white popcorn-looking flowers form clusters at the ends of main branches. Phlox, the name of tiny, purple flowers, would sound beautiful on your little one. In fact, he was also the basis of a musical called Fiorello. It is also the name of a mythological young man who fell in love with his own image. ... XOCHIPEPE: Nahuatl name meaning "flower-gatherer." Is It Safe To Eat Sushi During Pregnancy? Lilac, the light purple flower with a beautiful scent, would make a nice name for your baby. Zinnia is a pretty edgy flower name for a girl, but the Zinnia flower itself is one of the brightest flowers that grow in gardens. Shrubs adapt to their environments in a variety of ways, and some developed prickly stems or leaves during their evolution. Meaning ‘child of heavenly flower’, Leilani has a lilting and beautiful feel to it. Found in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 8, the wild rose (Rosa carolina) is a woody shrub that blooms from late spring through fall with fragrant, pink and purple blossoms. Lotus signifies enlightenment and purity in Buddhism and represents rebirth to the Egyptians. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. It is a surprisingly interesting floral name. Since it is a rarely used name, it will make an intriguing choice for your baby, especially if you are spiritually oriented. The Green name refers to milk flower, which are tiny pretty white flowers. It’s an excellent name to honor your Aunt Linda or Lynn. The French name “Roselin” for a boy refers to ‘red haired.’ If your little boy has red hair, then this name can be the most appropriate. It’s unlikely you’ll come across two girls with this name in the same class or school. It is a graceful name for a girl that is inspired by a tropical vine flower. If you want a showy flower name, then you can consider Amaryllis. Corey would be a fresh and snappy short form of Coreopsis, the cheery and long lasting flower. The beautiful Lily flower with large petals and leaves, and sounds a lovely name for a girl. If you’re hesitant to use it for a first name, you can use it as a nickname or middle name. It is grown in almost all tropical regions like Asia and Australia. This cactus variety is as full of personality as its name suggests. It refers to the ‘first rose’ in Latin. The name has not hit the mainstream yet, but with its similarity to the high-profile name Astor, it could pretty soon. Myrtle is a pretty, popular, and ubiquitous name and comes from a plant with white or pink fragrant berries. Prickly Pear. The prickly pear cactus is a genus that is very popular in drought-prone areas. Chloris, the name of the mythological goddess of flowers, would make one of a kind name for your daughter. Dahlia is a cute flower name, bringing to mind small, lovely flowers. Southern blackberries can thrive in full sun to shade and prefer moist, well-drained soil. “Rosamel” was also the name of a Chilean poet in the 20th century. Think about it with your spouse and select the one that appeals to you both. The name of this yellow, shiny flower given to a princess in ‘The Princess Bride.’. The Hindi name “Shirish” refers to the ‘flower’ or a ‘rain tree.’ It is a sweet sounding and ancient name for a boy. Its namesake is none other than Jared Leto. It is the beautiful violet flower that is not so commonly found. The name Quill refers to Jonquil, the hardy, spring flower. Bud isn’t just a cute Irish nickname, but also stands for the male flower name meaning Blossom. You can even credit David Cameron’s “Titanic” for its resurgence. That’s a classic Arabic name for a boy that refers to ‘blooming.’ It is the name of a famous poet too. The Yiddish name “Raizal” means ‘rose.’ It is a lovely flower name for a girl as delicate as the pink Raizel flowers. “Varda” means ‘a pink rose’ in Hebrew. You can consider its variations such as Kalene, Kalena, or Kaline. Narcissus, a name for daffodil, will make a perfect pick for your baby boy. The bright pink flower name “Fuchsia” was chosen by English musician Sting for her daughter. Plant this cactus in sandy potting mix, water every other week, and in winter, water it monthly. Indigo is the plant that creates a purplish-blue dye. The name has never made an entry to the top 100 names in the US, so Ayana would make an original pick for your baby’s name. If you wish to have an uncommon name for your daughter, “Briony” can be a suitable choice. It refers to a ‘morning flower’ in native American language. This spreading prickly bush grows up to 3 feet tall with a spread up to 12 feet wide. It is a beautiful tree to watch. It means ‘violet flower’. “Ixora” is an interesting name suitable for a girl. It is a modern floral name popular in Turkey and Iran, and refers to wild rose. The beautiful white flower ‘Aletris’ is known to have healing properties. In French, “Marguerite” refers to daisy. If you have a charming daughter, then “Primula” can be a good choice. It is a suitable name for a girl that means a lovely fragrance. The classic name for a girl means ‘noble white’ just like the flower. What could be better than naming your daughter after an evergreen shrub that produces juicy bright blue berries? It refers to the “white lotus.” If you wish your boy stands out from the rest, then “Kairav” cannot go wrong as a name. Saffron is a gender neutral name, but will suit boys more. The name brings to mind the bubbly and happy baby with a cute smile. This win-win combo is an excellent recipe for foundation plantings, landscape beds, property borders, and curbside plantings. The spring flower “Columbine” is an English name from Latin that means ‘dove.’. Daffodil is also the name of the musician Michael Hurley’s first girl. “Hawthorne” is a positive name and suitable for a boy. It is a variant of “Lily” and a lovely name for a girl. If you are brave enough, name your child Indigo. It’s a flowering plant known to be evergreen. The name Watson refers to the flower Watsonia and means ‘powerful warrior’. Names. Violet is an eternal floral baby name. The flowers of the willow tree, known for their resilience, grace, and flexibility, have gained favor in recent years as a baby girl name. The orange colored flower “Palash” is considered sacred in many Asian countries. It is the name of a flower in Iran. Alder, the name of the flowering plant from the birch family, has an old school feel to it. The Tibetian origin name “Pema” means ‘lotus flower.’ It is a delightful name similar to Padma, a Hindu name. It is a Latin name that rhymes well with Beatrice. Plant this drought-tolerant shrub in well-drained soil and full sun anywhere in USDA zones 7 and above. You can buy it already potted from 35 dollars and up. Wild rose shrubs prefer full sun and moist, well-drained soil. Holly is a beautiful baby name inspired by flowers; it suits perfectly for a baby girl born during Christmas. The graceful name is from Urdu origin and refers to rose. The Urdu name “Sheroze” means ‘king of roses.’ Your boy can become a charming person with this name. “Cassia” in Greek refers to cinnamon, and could be a lovely name for your daughter. It is an Indian name that means “the aromatic jasmine flower.” “Magadhi” is a pleasant name for a girl. The native American name “Aweinon” refers to moving flowers. The prickly pear does well in backyards, but sheds its spines, so may not be for everyone. The correct pronunciation of this name is ha-Seen-ta. The bell-shaped red flowers usually grow in high valleys. Shrubs adapt to their environments in a variety of ways, and some developed prickly stems or leaves during their evolution. It stands as a traditional symbol during Christmas and the name sounds lovely for a girl. Prickly pears are members of the Cactacceae or cactus family, which includes about 97 genera and 1,600 species. Your boy can gain its lovely characteristics if you name him “Viburnum.”. In Greek, Penthia means ‘flower’, and can be an enchanting name for your beautiful daughter. Oleander, the name of a shrub which bears beautiful flowers, would make an excellent alternative to Oliver. These dense shrubs provide habitat and food for nesting birds. However, it can be used for a girl too. It is also a flower from the daisy flower. The feminine name “Neeja” has its origin in Hindi and refers to Lily. The Greek origin name “Tancy” refers to ‘immortal.’, The cute Persian name “Tulip” is inspired by the blooming flower and means ‘turban.’, The charming name comes from Hebrew origin that refers to ‘lily.’. Contrary to what most people think, the Saffron flower isn’t yellow or orange but purple. Sharp, thorny foliage helps prevent grazing by deer, rabbits or other wildlife that like to dine on landscape plants. The name gained popularity in the early 20th century, following the release of Disney’s “Aladdin”. This graceful name, dating centuries back, has stayed on because of its feminine flair. Here’s a name for the traditional parents. A purple flower represents three symbols – tradition, dignity, and success. It is inspired from a flower called Myrtle, and has its origin in Dutch. It can be found in many places growing as an introduced species and a common weed. “Galanthus” is a unique choice as a name for a girl. The name has a unique freshness. Hawthorns are native to North America and grow best in full sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil. BRIER: Variant spelling of English unisex Briar, meaning "briar plant." This unique flower name is a delicate version of Lily. “Tarragon” means ‘aromatic.’ Your boy will spread his fragrance wherever he goes with this name. It sounds straight, strong, and robust, just like the flower. It is a novel choice as a floral name. Geri Halliwell named her daughter Bluebell. The name can be used for girls too. Ren is Japanese for ‘Lotus’. Achyranthes aspera (common names: chaff-flower, prickly chaff flower, devil's horsewhip, Sanskrit: अपामार्ग apāmārga) is a species of plant in the family Amaranthaceae.It is distributed throughout the tropical world. It is an English flower and is a lovely name for a girl. The pink flower “Diantha” emits a spicy fragrance that means ‘divine flower’ in Greek. Aweinon is a one-of-a-kind floral name for a boy. Southern blackberries grow quickly in USDA zones 5 through 9, producing white to pink flowers in early summer, followed by large, edible fruits in late summer and fall. Found in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 8, the wild rose (Rosa carolina) is a woody shrub that blooms from late spring through fall with fragrant, pink and purple blossoms. The Latin origin name means ‘shining sea’ and is inspired from a flower Amaryllis. The girl name “Raisa” comes from Russian origin that means ‘rose.’ It sounds like a queen’s name too. Blooming occurs from March through June. Cliantha is a unique flower and a sweet flowery name for a girl that means ‘a glory flower’ in Greek. The Hebrew origin name “Irit” means ‘asphodel flower.’ It’s a classic name for your daughter. Some other popular names of this herb are devil’s horsewhip, apamarga, chirchita, apang and Onga. Fiorello is one of those floral names that would work amazingly on a boy. It’s near impossible not to fall in love with this cheerful flower and its name. Laurel is a lovely white and pink flower usually found in the Eastern side of the United States. Most varieties require very little care but do like full sun. Of all the botanical names, Fern has been the most static in terms of performance. The name has a worldly appeal as well. Looking for a modern and stylish name? Daisy. Thorns appear on all of the plant's stems but are more pronounced on larger stems. Edelweiss also means adventure and notoriety. In Greek, the crimson flower “Anemone” means “daughter of the wind” and is a blossoming name for a girl. It is inspired from the yellow blooming flowers. Camelia sounds sweet just as its fragrance and can be a sweet name. It is a Hindi origin name that means ‘lotus’ and ‘perfection.’ “Kamal” is a beautiful floral name for a boy. It refers to the ‘budding leaf.’ The name is not a common choice and can be perfect for a son whose parents are looking for a Sanskrit name. It is a Spanish name that means ‘Orchid.’ That’s a pretty name for your little one. Orchid, the name of the flower symbolizing beauty, love, and sophistication, would be an exotic option for your daughter. You can also name Asher, inspired by the Ash tree. Design an entire garden or landscape around low-water plants like prickly pearthis is called xeriscaping. The water reed flowers look fragile and delicate. The romantic Spanish and Italian name means ‘rose and honey’, and can be a good chioce for your angel. Catclaw acacia can grow to 15 feet tall with a 25-foot spread and possesses large, twisted, extremely sharp thorns and gray-green deciduous foliage. Pads can vary in width, length, shape and color. The unisex name “Manuka” inspired from a tree that is known to have flowers that produce honey. Flowers are followed by large, edible, red hips that last through winter. Azalea. List of Common Weeds, With Photos. Interestingly, Azalea is now one of the fastest rising names on the list. About Prickly Popcorn Flower (Cryptantha muricata) 1 Nurseries Carry This Plant Add to My Plant List; Cryptantha muricata is a species of flowering plant in the borage family known by the common name pointed cryptantha. The Arabic name means a ‘fragrant blooming flower.’ “Zainab” was the name of a daughter and wife of Prophet Muhammad. The pleasant pink flowers “Gladiolus” can be a suitable choice if you are looking for a masculine name for your baby boy. Achyranthes aspera (common names: chaff-flower, prickly chaff flower, devil's horsewhip, Sanskrit: अपामार्ग apāmārga) is a species of plant in the family Amaranthaceae.It is distributed throughout the tropical world. Evans holds a Master of Library and Information Science and a Master of Arts in anthropology. The beautiful name Verbena is inspired by a sweet smelling plant. It is a South African name that means ‘a flower.’ “Palesa” is a sweet name for a daughter. Lily is the most famous of all the flower names for girls. It is a violet flower from Heliotropium genus and an uncommon name for a girl. The handsome name “Spruce” is suitable for a boy. Besides flowers, many of the plants in this tribe are also shrubs and herbs that grow in dryer climates. There are many varieties available, growing anywhere from a foot tall to towering on trellises 30 feet high. The Green origin name “Ione” means ‘violet.’ If you think the name “Violet” would be common, you can name your daughter “Ione.”. Daisy will make a hippy, yet cool name for the little girl. The name Azalea sounds exotic but still feminine. This delicate flower with a dainty and divine smell is used widely in Britain. The name Rosemary, derived from the Latin elements ‘ros’, which means ‘dew’, and ‘marinus’, which means ‘of the sea’, is as beautiful as the purple flowers of this plant. ; 1994, University of Illinois Extension: Carolina Rose Rosa Carolina. In places where rain is rare, prickly pear cactus is an exceptional plant. It is a type of orchid that is a delight to watch. This British name took a long time to cross the Atlantic Ocean and has now begun to be heard in the US. DZAGHIG: Armenian unisex name meaning "flower." Source: Our House Plants. “Floortje” means ‘little flower’ and is a sweet name for a girl. Tohono O’odham (toe-HOE-noe aw-aw-TAHM) The tribal name of the Native Ameri-cans of south central Arizona, Tohono O’odham, translates into English as “The Desert People”. “Briar Rose” is also the name of the popular Disney princess Sleeping Beauty. Crisantha isn’t related to Christine. This vintage name, pronounced as Da-lee-Ah, also conjures to mind a glamorous silver screen legend or tough femme fatale. Aster is the name of the delicate flower meaning ‘star’. The romantic name “Fioralba” refers to ‘flower of the dawn.’ It’s a unique flower name for a girl. We love the fresh sound of this name. It sounds playful, charming, sophisticated, and comes with nicknames such as Olly or Ollie. Forsythia, named for the beautiful yellow bush, cannot challenge Violet or Rose in terms of popularity, but is sure to be one of the most unique. That’s a pretty name for a girl. In the spring, this holly produces bright yellow flowers followed by blue berries. Thorns also keep wildlife and humans from tramping on shrubs, which makes them an excellent choice for natural hedges and barriers. We compiled an exhaustive list of flower names for baby girls and boys because nothing is lovelier than naming your kid after the most beautiful thing in nature. Iris is a purple flower getting its name from the Greek word rainbow. That’s a modern name for a boy that means ‘fragrant flower.’ If you want your son to spread his beautiful fragrance wherever he goes, then that’s the name. It is the name of a flower and also means ‘pertaining to the wolf.’ That sounds like a brave name for a boy. The name has become quite trendy in the last few years, thanks to books and movies – “The Hunger Games” and “The Fault in Our Stars”. If you are looking for a fresh name for your baby boy, then “Talasi” can be an appropriate choice. It’s also associated with good luck, which is a great feature for a name. The American name “Mallow” means ‘flower’ in American English. The foliage of the Oregon grape holly emerges in shades of bronze and red, turning green as the leaves mature. Floral baby names bring in the delicateness of a flower and remind you of its beauty every time you call your child with that name. If you’ve been looking for a cheerful name for your little angel, this one can be a unique choice. ... this flower can give you perfectly round shape of flowers accompanied by prickly green leaves. The cypress flower, resembling the five-pointed stars, looks absolutely adorable. It means “fragrant” of a flower in Malay and Indonesian. Daughters bring joy to their parents just like the fresh flowers in the spring season. This beautiful herb, with bright pink flowers, has the potential of being one of the rising floral girl names. The name can be used for a boy and a girl, and refers to ‘falling flower’ in native American language. It refers to ‘the edge of a sunflower.’ That sounds like an old school name, but is trending even today. It is widely distributed, from California to Alaska and across North America to Pennsylvania and Newfoundland. It came into the spotlight by the little girl on the television show “Dexter”. The native American name “Gajijens” means ‘flower’s fall.’ It’s an interesting and classic name. It is best to buy a Christmas Cactus that already has flowers. “Leatrice” is a unisex name but suits more for a boy, and refers to ‘blessed.’. Apart from being charming, Ivy has a surprising number of spelling variations such as Ivie, Ivee, Ivi, and more. Pronounced as ‘fleer,’ “Fflur” means flower in Welsh. Ayana, meaning beautiful flower, has a bright and creative ring to it. That’s a biblical name common in Ireland that refers to ‘vineyards of God.’ If you want your baby boy to have a Catholic name, “Carmel” can be a good pick.