Internally, BootstrapVue will convert the above array to the following array (the array of objects) format: If value is missing, then text will be used as both the value and text fields. and behavior of their HTML elements, that provide greater customization and cross browser … consistency. You must explicitly supply a value via the value prop on . Plugins also include any component aliases. Do not use the checked prop directly. Note that this prop does not set the autofocus attribute on the input, nor can it tell when the input becomes visible. 4.90 / 5 (160 Reviews) MIT License . Recent Posts. , , etc.) You can mix using strings and objects in the array. Render radios with the look of buttons by setting the prop buttons to true on . must match the value of specified on one of the the radio's value prop). It is built on top of semantic and accessible markup, so it is a solid replacement for the default radio input. Fully Coded Components. Plugins also include any component aliases. But if you’re just here to get this set up as fast as possible, the short version is this: 1. npm i bootstrap jquery popper.js 2. Set the prop stacked on to make the radios appear one over the other, or when using radios not in a group, set the inline prop on b-form-radio to true to render them inline. Refer to the Router support reference docs for the various supported related props. sanitize with the help of Form Radio Inputs. Omit the wrapping .form-check for checkboxes and radios that have no label text For instance, you could include a hint about state in the form control's