McDonald's locations are numbered at more than 38,000 in over 100 countries around the globe. Asked by dsb205. Until one day in 2013… poof! It now has locations in over 100 countries and with a footprint that great, there is much to measure and quite a few McDonalds facts and stats to share. Its three former outlets were rebranded as its own chain of Metro restaurants, which offer similar services and menus with domestically produced ingredients. More than 38,000 restaurants around the world serve 69 million people every day. However, some of those locations listed as "countries" are not independent countries at all, such as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, which are United States territories, and Hong Kong, which at the time of establishment was under British control, before its handoff to China. When the base closed in 1995, the restaurant was required to do likewise. Countries that both have McDonald’s have never been involved in war with each other. In most international markets franchising provides the same benefits to companies as it does in the U.S. – the ability to license to … Food safety concerns and a product shortage caused sales to plummet across chains in the two countries… 10 Countries That Don't Have McDonald's. First McDonald's outlet to open after the, (source: McDonald's 2020, 1 in Malta, 1 in Gozo), As of April 2012, Fiji was the only country in the world to still use the 2003 "i'm lovin' it" packaging as the other countries are using the 2008 packaging for meals and items. The most recent opening in Kazakhstan in 2016. More than 38,000 restaurants around the world serve 69 million people every day. The History of American Fast Food Abroad . Three million Brits eat under the golden arches every day, although McDonald's influence across the rest of the world isn't as strong as people may think. North Korea. To begin, just start typing. Today, the company has over 36,000 restaurants in over 100 nations. Still great quiz! The country has reported nearly 390,00 coronavirus cases and almost 7,000 COVID-19-linked deaths since the pandemic began last year. carkey +4. McDonald’s expanded into international markets with the opening in Canada of its restaurant in Richmond, British Columbia in June, 1967. Level 62. Bolivia. All three restaurants in the peninsula of Crimea were closed in 2014. ", M.A., Geography, California State University - Northridge, B.A., Geography, University of California - Davis. Closed due to a dispute in contract and contractual obligations with the franchise owner Sveto Janevski. Is McDonald's the Largest Fast-Food Chain in the World? False. Re-opened at The Falls at West Mall in 2011 and has expanded to 5 other locations. All branches were closed down by Icelandic affiliates due to both prohibitive costs of importing foreign food products as required by McDonald's. [3][4][5][6] The biggest still standing is in Will Rogers Turnpike.[6]. :) someone2018 +6. Since the early 1970s, American fast food franchises have ventured into international markets largely as the result of business people in other countries wanting to bring the American concept to their homeland. McDonald's Corporation. McDonald's is a huge and mighty fast-food chain but it is not the largest. Rating. Here is just a selection of 10 of these countries where you'll have to make do with the local variety of fast food: 1. Regardless of country definition, more than 90% of restaurant locations in the U.S. are owned and operated by franchisees. Approximately 210,000 people worked for McDonald's at year-end in 2018, according to the company's 2019 SEC report. In 2019, consolidated revenue for the fast-food restaurant amounted to $21.1 billion., In 1955, Ray Kroc opened his first location in Illinois (the original restaurant being in California); by 1958, the company had sold its 100 millionth hamburger. Just two years later, the company officially went international, opening in Canada (Richmond, British Columbia) and Puerto Rico in 1967. This is where it gets super complicated. Countries and territories with a McDonald's outlet, (inclulding seasonal and mobile restaurants), (named Republic of Macedonia at the time), Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention, International availability of McDonald's products, List of countries with Burger King franchises, List of the largest fast food restaurant chains, "Fast food takeaway: Inside the world's biggest McDonald's which will be open for just six weeks", "PHOTOS: World's Largest McDonald's Coming To London Olympics", "Olympic Games 2012 olympics olys, McDonald's (business), Sport, Food and drink industry (Business sector), Business, Fast food (life and style), Food and drink (Life and style), Life and style", "10 Countries with the Most McDonald's Locations", "McDonald's in supersized $500m expansion binge", "McDonald's Japan Reports More Past Incidents of Objects in Food", "Erstes McDonald's in Ostdeutschland feiert Jubiläum", "Restaurant Suche – McDonald's Deutschland", "15 Fascinating facts about McDonald's in UK", "20 years of Big Macs as McDonald's marks Scottish anniversary", "Which countries have the most McDonald's? McDonald's faces a deeper crisis in Japan, its second-largest market, as well as in China. McDonald's may seem to be everywhere, but there are still 105 countries without the fast food giant, from Ghana to Jamaica to Yemen to Tajikistan. McDonald's Corporation, 29 Jan. 2020. Franchising." McDonald's is trash food and ruining the environment. McDonald’s operated and franchised 38,695 restaurants across the globe by 2019. McDonald's previously had stores in Trinidad (May 6, 1997 – October 25, 2003) but closed due to low sales. Not accessible for Cuban citizens. This is perhaps the least surprising entry on the list. If Brazil is fifth, then Russia is the ninth largest country in terms of population. Whether they have just said no,non, nyet, nej, etc or whether they have flirted with McDonald's before giving them the elbow, there's many a place where the fast food giant has failed to make its mark. These restaurants had been run in Macedonia for 16 years and had been successful there. In 1996, economist Thomas Friedman came up with what is … ", "Les restaurants McDONALD's | McDONALD's Maroc", "June 10-25, 1995 - McDonald's widens persian gulf reach with 4th restaurant in Abu Dhabi", "McDonald's Official website India – About McDonald's", "Why you can't (legally) buy a Big Mac in El Salvador", "Komšić i Moon svečano otvorili prvi McDonald's",, "Press Articles – Big Mac To Be Grilled in JA". In six countries, McDonald's once had a … For a country that just opened its… Well how many countries are there in the World? Definition and List of Countries, "McDonald's Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Results and Quarterly Cash Dividend. "What Made Us Great Is Still What Makes Us Great." McDonald’s marketing strategy for international success. The biggest temporary McDonald's restaurant in the world was opened during 2012 Summer Olympics in London, which had 3,000 square metres (32,000 sq ft). 1  However, some of those locations listed as "countries" are not independent countries at all, such as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, which are United States territories, and Hong Kong, … McDonald’s operates more than 30,000 restaurants in more then 100 countries on 6 continents Most children can recognize McDonald’s branding before they can even speak. Besides buying their ingredients where they operate, McDonald's restaurants around the world adapt their menus to local tastes; Japan serves a pork patty teriyaki burger and "Seaweed Shaker", or chocolate-drizzled fries; Germany serves a shrimp cocktail; Italy's burgers are topped with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese; Australia offers a guac salsa or bacon cheese sauce as a topping for fries; and French customers are able to order a caramel banana shake. Not all the countries are sovereign states, such as Guam. Kentucky Fried Chicken. You can explore the forum by country and continent, by interest, like hiking, culture, tech and health, or simply by having a chat. See, Closed due to measures adopted by the Iranian government after the. But forget the beef in India. McD App download and registration required. Subway is the largest with more than 40,000 stores in 112 countries. Again, many of these "countries" are merely territories, and Subway's restaurant count includes those that are part of other buildings (as half of a convenience store, for example) rather than only standalone restaurant locations. McDonald's has a presence in 118 countries. Canada now has 1,400 McDonald's restaurants and these locations are the biggest restaurant buyer of Canadian beef in the country.. With no warning, all of the restaurants we… ak2 13 year member 103 replies Or check out our featured topics below. Macedonia, a small European country in the Balkans, was once home to seven glorious McDonald’s restaurants, with a few in the capital, Skopje. A seasonal McDonald's restaurant was opened in. According to the McDonald's Corporation website as of January 2020, McDonald's has locations in over 100 countries. McDonald's French Fries Are Still Not Vegetarian, Basic Japanese: Ordering at Fast-Food Restaurants, McDonaldization: Definition and Overview of the Concept, Why Puerto Rico Matters in the US Presidential Election, Biography of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, African History Expert, The Life and Legacy of Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart, 10 Myths About Spanish and the People Who Speak It, What Is Latin America? The closest McDonald's is never far. First branch in Sarinah closed 2020 due to refurbishment of Sarinah itself. During the Cold War, some of openings of the countries' McDonald's restaurants were seen as historic events, such as the first ones in East Germany shortly after the Berlin Wall fell in late 1989, in Russia (then the U.S.S.R.) in 1990 (thanks to perestroika and glasnost), as well as in other Eastern Bloc nations and China during the early 1990s. Yes, I feel terrible for them. Niamh Cavanagh Today, 08:17 UK COVID CASES AND DEATHS PER DAY The franchise has outposts in over 100 countries throughout the world, with a total number of locations topping 36,000 (as of January 2018). And where are the Golden Arches emerging? Level 82. Question #84986. Zimbabwe. "U.S. In a world were every restaurant has clean toilets and sanitary kitchen, that might not be a big deal. How many McDonald's are there in the U.S.? Wherever you go, there is McDonald’s. The communist, totalitarian state … In the United States alone, there are 14,146 McDonald's outlets, close to 37% of the number of outlets worldwide. The list of countries follows the company's own calculation, and contains several non-sovereign territories. Worldwide, McDonald's has more than 37,241 restaurants spanning over 123 countries. McDonald's is the second largest chain of fast food restaurants in the world,[1] with more than 36,000 outlets worldwide. First McDonald's in a non-Baltic former Soviet republic (not including Russia) The company claimed this as McDonald's "100th country" although this calculation included many non-sovereign territories. That leaves almost half of the world's 196 independent countries untouched. 3. McDonald's is trying to reenter the Bolivian market, but with no success so far. McDonald's Newsroom. Check out the dataset of McDonald's outlets by countries below. McDonald's restaurants are found in 120 countries and territories around the world and serve 68 million customers each day. In 2019, China had the number of McDonald’s restaurants throughout the Asia Pacific and Middle East with approximately 3.38 thousand stores, followed by … In 2010, there was talk about opening up the first-ever chain in the country that is led by … See where we operate. Closed due to poor sales and high prices. Brazil: 1,023 locations. It’s hard to think of a country in the world where you’d be surprised to see a McDonald’s restaurant, or at least a drive-through offering.The fast food giant is currently listed in 119 countries around the world with more than 36,000 restaurants, according to the company website. And in every McDonald’s, you can find many of the same menu items: the standard burgers , the thin, salty fries . Closed due to a passage of the government law that banned franchised restaurants in the territory. See, Country with the second most locations of McDonald's in the Caribbean, after Puerto Rico. The third runner-up is Starbucks with more than 30,000 stores in 80 markets. KFC (formerly Kentucky Fried Chicken) can be enjoyed in 23,000 locations in more than 140 countries, according to its official website. Pizza Hut is another widely spread food chain that began in the United States and it has more than 16,000 restaurants in over 100 countries.. While McDonald’s isn’t outright banned in this South American nation, the last Mickey D’s in … Sid & Marty Krofft Television Productions Inc. v. McDonald's Corp., CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This is the first McDonald's outside of the, Third country (not U.S. possession) and first outlet outside, First outlet in Creteil in 1972 even though McDonald's officially recognizes the first outlet in Strasbourg in 1979. The one and only McDonald's restaurant based in the country was located in, First McDonald's in a non-Baltic former Soviet republic (not including Russia), The company claimed this as McDonald's "100th country" although this calculation included many non-sovereign territories. About this rating Origin. How many countries have McDonalds? ", Historically Significant Worldwide Locations. See, This page was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 13:47. First outlet in a communist country (not communist anymore) and first outlet in the. More power to any country that doesn't serve that awful food. ", "What Made Us Great Is Still What Makes Us Great. See, McDonald's outlets ceased operation during the, After some 10 years of trying to enter the Bosnian market with no success, McDonald's opened its first restaurant in Bosnia on 20 July 2011. On the flipside, there is a McDonald's on the island of Cuba, though it's technically not on Cuban soil—it's on the American base at Guantanamo, so it qualifies as an American location. "McDonald's Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2019 Results and Quarterly Cash Dividend." ", "McDonald's to open fewer new stores than planned thanks to COVID-19 | BusinessWorld", "500 McDonald's outlets by 2020 – Business News – The Star Online", "26st McDonald's in Serbia opens in Shoppi Retail Park Borca", Győrben nyílik a McDonald's 100. magyar étterme,, "Which countries have the most Mcdonald's?And where are the Golden Arches emerging? Matt Rosenberg is an award-winning geographer and the author of "The Handy Geography Answer Book" and "The Geography Bee Complete Preparation Handbook. See. Which countries in the world do not have a McDonald's? 30. This is a list of countries with McDonald's restaurants. Despite being a fast food chain that mainly serves beef hamburgers and French fries, aside from the new additions, it is surprising that various countries accepted the international food franchise. This statistic shows the number of McDonald's in North America 2012-2018. McDonald’s has outlets in all the continents, operating in more than 100 countries. Guantanamo Bay; open only to military personnel. Surprisingly, despite the population of 2.074 million, there was little presence from McDonald’s apart from one small franchise. There, the menu includes vegetarian options and cooks in the kitchen specialize—people cooking meat don't cook the vegetarian dishes. Ozan, Kevin M. "McDonald's Corporation Form 10-K." United States Securities and Exchange Commission, 22 Feb. 2019. McCafé Rewards earned on or after 12/28/2020 are valid for 60 days at participating U.S. McDonald's. Oct 18, 2019. Which countries in the world do not have a McDonalds - trivia question /questions answer / answers.